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If you’re in the market for a second job or something unique, why not consider pooper scooper services in Clarkston, MI? This is a self-directed job that anyone can do. All it requires is a shovel and someplace to put the poop.

For pre-teens seeking something to earn some money at in the warmer months, to the entrepreneurial person trying to dig their way out of poverty, this job will help get some extra cash.

More than one person has built pooper scooping up into a thriving part-time business. It’s easy to get started and doesn’t require any special skills other than being able to look at a yard or an area and spot the poop.

Upon spotting the poop, simply grab the shovel and remove it to a preferred location or a collection bag. It’s as simple as doing this in an entire yard or area and repeating it on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

Fees should include disposal if the poop is being taken away in a trash bag. there are many who will gladly pay for such services from apartment complexes, companies that have green areas around their business, homeowners who are busy working and raising a family and don’t have the time or the inclination to do such tasks, and the elderly who may not be able to bend as well to shovel up the poop.

Even if a person only does this one day a week they can make a lot of extra cash for the task. In most cases, it will only take an hour or so at the most to remove all of the poop from an area and be on the way to the next job location.

By adding in several clients a person could really make a lot of extra money in just one weekend by doing this. Advertise at the veterinarian’s office, the local paper, through word of mouth of satisfied clients, flyers, business cards, local bulletin boards and anywhere else that pet owners might congregate (the pet food aisle of the local store is an ideal place to leave a business card or flyer.

The job isn’t that challenging and it will net you some extra cash while helping to clean up the environment. Get a few steady clients and you’re in business. All you need is a shovel and if you’re taking the poop away for the client you’ll want a supply of small trash bags or plastic grocery store bags to put the poop in.

It’s amazing how many side jobs are out there if you just put your mind to it. You’ll be doing a good deed for the neighborhood and the entire community with this job.

To set prices check with other locals who do this task and see what they charge. Set your fees accordingly and you’re in business. There’s always something that can be done out there and this pooper scooper services are just one of many tasks that pet owners may require from someone.

Information About Dog Teeth Info

If you want to keep your dog healthy, it all starts with their mouth. You want to be sure to keep your dog’s mouth as healthy as possible in order to ensure that the rest of their body remains as healthy as can be. Dogs, like humans, rely on proper dental checkups and hygiene in order to effectively remain healthy. Below, we will be going over some information about dog teeth in order to provide the right kind of care.

Information About Dog Teeth:

1. Dogs Have 42 Teeth.

When it comes to permanent teeth, dogs have 42 total. 20 of the teeth are on the top and 22 are on the bottom. Therefore, you should try to clean each and every tooth in order to effectively maintain your dog’s oral care. You want to start doing so as soon as the teeth come in which is around 4 months of age.

2. Sneezing and Nasal Discharge.

If you notice that your dog is suffering from constant sneezing or nasal discharge, he or she might be suffering from it because of an infection in the upper canine. You want to be sure to check for potential infections in the upper canine if you notice that your dog is suffering from any sort of consistent sneezing because it could be directly related.

3. Periodontal Disease.

Like with humans, the periodontal disease is a serious problem that can affect your dog’s overall health. Typically, smaller dogs are going to be much more likely to develop this type of disease than larger dogs because the smaller dogs typically have teeth that are too large for their mouths.

Overall, by understanding your dog’s teeth better, you should be able to provide better oral care for them and keep their teeth healthier as a result.

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