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Tips For Starting a Pooper Scooper Service

Do you love dogs and are looking to venture into something that can help the community while making money at the same time? Well, how about offering pooper scooper services? Yes, a business that focuses on dog waste removal. The pet industry has grown by leaps and bounds, and human beings will always cherish pets no matter the state of the economy or their financial status. Since people are living busier lives than ever before, they don’t always have time to do things like pet waste removal. For this reason, embarking on a pooper scooper business can be quite lucrative. Perhaps the best thing about starting this kind of business is the fact that you don’t need to part with a lot of money for the initial investment, and pet owners are always willing to part with quite a bit for someone else to handle the mess of their dogs. You not only make money by cleaning pet waste at your clients’ homes but also in dog parks, vet offices as well as dog boarding centers. The bottom line is that you can make a substantial amount of money in the pet waste removal industry.

So, what do you need to start this venture?

To start your new business, you’ll need essential tools of the trade including plastic bags, waste removal tools or shovels, cleaning supplies and a container for transporting the waste. You will ideally need a computer, marketing materials and software for keeping your financial records. You may also have to apply for a business license in your area. You’ll also want to contract with a waste firm to dispose of the waste that you collect. If you want to take the eco-friendly route, you can contract with a composting company so that the waste is transformed into potting soil.

All in all, a pooper scooper business is an excellent venture to take on if you have a low budget. It also doesn’t get affected by things like a recession. As long as there are dogs, there will always be dog waste as well as people who are willing to hire a person or a company to take care of the waste. You can also work as much or as little as you want in this kind of business. You’re your own boss and set your own rules. Another benefit of this sort of venture is that it’s scalable. That means you can go from a solo operation to a full pet waste removal service if you decide to expand and branch out.

Even though it might take some time to establish and build your name, with proper marketing and connecting with the right people, your business has the potential to take off. It is also a good idea to create a company Logo and a website so that people can easily find you online. With proper web design and optimization, you can take advantage of local searches and secure even more clients. Pooper scooper service can certainly be rewarding, both in the short term and long term.

So, Just How Do Dogs Clean Themselves Anyway?

Us humans have been spoiled for a hundred years or more since the introduction of running water. We have it piped from wells and mountaintops into reservoirs and then into our homes where we can turn on a faucet to get good, clean water. Most other animals have to find a river, lake or stream to take a bath which is not always possible. Some of our favorite pets, like cats and dogs, do spend a considerable amount of time cleaning and grooming themselves by licking other times by biting, here’s how you can tell.

The Number One Way Is By Licking

You’ll see this quite often and it’s the most common method how do dogs clean themselves and that’s by constant licking. You may not notice that they spend hours of time on grooming since it’s spread out through the entire day. They just sit down and groom for five minutes or so. But then an hour later, they’ll do it again as well. This goes on all of the time they’re awake, just a little here and there every hour or so.

They’ll spend most of their grooming time on their private parts and then some on their paws, lower legs and lower abdomen. When they encounter a flea, tick, or any other foreign object, they’ll go right into nibbling until they’re rid of it, whatever it might be. Then they’ll switch back to licking to make sure the area is clean. This nibbling also helps to activate tiny oil glands that are spread throughout their bodies. These oil glands keep their coats shiny and the oil prevents dirt from sticking to them as well.

How Do Dogs Clean Themselves? Sometimes The Whole Body Shake

When they’re wet you’ll see them do it more often but they’ll also do it sometimes dry. They shake from their heads to their toes and most of the dirt or water flies right off of them. Some dogs will even seek out water to get wet in just so they can shake it off to get clean.

So, if you’re wondering if your dog is clean or not, yes, they are fairly clean animals. Still, it’s is best if you regularly give them a bath with some high quality dog shampoo to help get rid of fleas and their eggs. This also does a deep cleaning that will allow them sit on your lap without a problem and get some loving hugs that they so desire.

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