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How To Hire A Good Dog Poop Removal Service

You need to hire a dog poop removal service if you have a piece of property where you find a lot of dog poop regularly. If you don’t want to have to clean it up yourself, you need some help with doing so.

You can put up a sign that says people should pick up their dog’s waste along with some bags for people to use, but they still won’t always care enough to clean up after their pets. Generally, most people don’t clean up after their dogs because they just don’t care if it’s in the way of other people later or not. So, it’s good to have a service that can do the dog poop removal for you because then it will keep the property cleaned and you won’t have to rely on the kindness of strangers.

You’re going to want to make sure that you find a service that can handle the job you have for them. If you have a small yard, then most companies can come out and help you out for a good price. But, if you have a large piece of property like a business that has a large yard around it or you have a home with a lot of space around it, you need a team generally to come out. Call each company and ask them if they can handle the job before you hire anyone.

Pricing is going to depend on how much work someone has to do. If there is a lot of dog poop to clean up, then it’s going to take longer so it’s going to cost you a little more than if there is just a little in a small yard. You need to try to ask about pricing before you hire anyone, so be sure you contact a few companies. You want to know what is fair to pay hourly or however they want to set up the payment so you don’t get ripped off by someone charging a lot more than what others are charging on average.

When you get a service like this done, it’s good to check out the work before the people that are doing the work leave. You want to make sure they didn’t miss anything, because if you don’t check right when they are done then you can’t tell if the dog poop was left by them or if it’s new and they didn’t have a chance to clean it up because of that. If they missed a lot and didn’t do a good job, then you know not to hire them again and should get them to finish the work before paying them.

You now know how to find a good dog poop removal service. There are a few to choose from and you want to pick one fast so you can get the area cleaned up around your property right away. Otherwise, the dog poop can add up and make it really hard for anyone to navigate around it when walking around your property.

Do Dogs Carry Diseases? The Truth You Need To Know

There is nothing quite like having a dog as part of the family. We give them everything we can to keep them healthy and happy and they provide lots of love in return. What many pet owners don’t realize, or choose not to focus on, are the problems that may be associated with owning a dog. In fact, some pet owners have been asking, do dogs carry diseases? The answer might not be as positive as you think. Here are a few diseases that could be passed along.

Ringworm – This is a skin disease caused by a fungal infection. It is similar to athlete’s foot but it can happen in other areas of the body. When a dog has ringworm, it could pass it along to the humans in the family. It is easily transmittable with direct contact.

Toxocariasis – This is a disease caused by the roundworm parasite. Dog’s commonly pass this parasite along by defecating the eggs and then it is passed on through the infected dirt. Humans can get the disease if they somehow ingest the eggs, which is more likely to happen to children.

Giardia – This is an intestinal parasite and it is common in dogs. Many humans also have this parasite as well. It is passed along through consumption of the contaminated feces but can also be contracted indirectly, such as through water that has been contaminated.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – This disease does not come directly from the dog but they may be carrying ticks that pass along the bacteria that causes the disease. If the tick detaches from the dog and attaches to a human it could cause a serious problem.

Rabies – This is not very common but it is possible for a dog to pass rabies on to humans in the family.

So in answer to the question, do dogs carry diseases, the answer is yes. As long as you maintain proper hygiene, however, the issues are unlikely to happen.

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