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Start Your Own Pooper Scooper Service For Fast Profits

Pet Services of all kinds are a growing industry and poised to continue growing for the next several years. One of the newest services that is thriving is those that cleanup pet poop in residential yards. Many affluent neighborhoods are wanting to have their pet care more and more convenient. Here we will take a look at how to start your own pooper scooper service for profit.

How Much Can I Charge For This Service?

The rates for this service will depend on a number of factors. Some of those factors include the area in which you live and serve as well as the size of the yard, whether or not there is a single pet or more than one and other factors. One of the nice things about this service is the fact that in many affluent neighborhoods it is considered prestigious to have a company who provides various services for the lawn and yard. This means that once neighbors see that your customer is having a service come and clean up the pet poop the others will want to have the same service.

If you provide a dependable service then it doesn’t take long before the whole neighborhood will want to have you coming out on a regular basis to provide the service of cleaning their pet poop from the yard. This is a job that is not that difficult but many affluent people find it something that they don’t feel comfortable doing. So they can remove the need for them to do it themselves while adding to their prestige by having a service that comes out and handles that for them.

For an average small backyard, a service like this will typically charge $10 or $12 per visit provided there is only one pet. This price is also dependent on the homeowner signing a contract allowing you to come out weekly. If they only want you to come out by-weekly you can charge as much as $15 to $25 per visit. To make sure that there’s never any issue with collecting fees you should have the homeowner sign a contract and pay for the month in advance. That makes this an all-cash business that you get paid upfront for before performing services so there’s never an issue with collecting.

Services You Can Offer

Most typically a Service Company such as this will offer their services to single-family homes in affluent residential areas. In addition to this service, however, are the opportunities for commercial work. These would include dog daycares, apartment complexes, parks for dogs and other pets, and even some veterinary clinics may need the service.

There are plenty of services that your company could grow into after establishing itself. Some of these might include spraying the yard for flea and ticks, repairing yellow spots in the yard caused by pet urine, cleaning and removal of waste from litter boxes, and even deodorizing areas of the yard that have an odor. One of the great aspects of this business is that at this point there is a great need for these services and yet there are not so many companies performing them and so once you establish yourself and earn a reputation, you’ll have every homeowner and business that needs your services in the area you maintain calling on you.

It will be necessary for you to get the license and permits that your area requires and you will likely need to get some type of insurance. You’ll have to file the necessary paperwork with your local and state government and each area has its own set of rules so you will have to check into that but it is not at all difficult. A pooper scooper service is a business with a low barrier of entry with high profit potential.

How Well Can Dogs See In The Dark?

If you’re itching to know more about dogs, let’s talk about one of the more interesting aspects that people seldom think about; their nocturnal eyesight. How well can dogs see in the dark? Do their eyes adapt to the sudden shift to darkness like cats, or do they actually struggle like humans?

There are a lot of interesting factors that come into play here. First of all, dogs do have great eyesight in general. Despite the misconception that they see in black and white, they actually do see in color. The only difference between what we see and what dogs see is that they lack the ability to pick up on colors within the red spectrum the same way that human eyes can. That said, they don’t actually rely solely upon their eyes at all.

The sense of smell and hearing of dogs is so amazing that they can get around by that alone. While their eyesight is obviously very important and perfectly well developed, it’s essentially secondary in nature. They receive most of the information they need from their noses and ears. So while they may not be able to see as well in the dark as cats, their other powerful senses more than make up for it.

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ve probably had more than one experience where their nose has suddenly been shoved near your face in the dark while you’re sleeping or napping. Those amusing moments are merely an example of how they use their sense of smell to guide them towards what they’re looking for; in the case of domesticated pups, that end goal is often their humans in hopes of some attention!

That covers the essential backs of how well dogs are able to see in the dark. If you wish to explore the topic even further, there are plenty of resources online that go into greater detail. Our relationship with dogs is so strong that we’ve studied them for years, and the fascination has yet to cease! (And it’s a safe bet that it never will.)

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