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4 Reasons You Are Better Off Using A Dog Poop Cleanup Service

Pet ownership is as popular as ever. Pet services are on the rise and becoming popular to help owners take care of their pets. No one likes cleaning up dog poop from the yard but it is one of those necessary evils. But now there’s the opportunity for homeowners and dog park owners to get a dog poop cleanup service.

Four Reasons To Use A Dog Poop Cleanup Service

1. No Arguing Over Who Has To Clean It Up

Everyone in the family enjoys the dog but no one wants to go and clean up the dog poop in the backyard. Even so, no one wants to walk around in the yard with the chance of stepping in a pile of dog poo-poo. This leads to the argument of who is responsible for cleaning it up.

In today’s busy society the average family has two working adults and the children are busy with school activities, after-school activities, and time with their friends. Even when there is time no one really wants the job. Getting a service to clean the dog doo-doo in the backyard is relatively inexpensive and is a great way to ensure that it gets done without having to do it yourself.

2. Fully Enjoy The Yard Again

There’s no way to comfortably invite friends over for an outdoor barbecue or to have some fun with the whole family playing badminton or croquet or even just to take a stroll around the backyard if there’s a bunch of dog doo-doo everywhere. You may have every intention of going and cleaning it on a regular basis and yet your busy lifestyle and your lack of desire to perform that duty keeps allowing the backyard to get filled up and the dog poop left in the yard. For this reason, you don’t invite friends over for outdoors activities and you aren’t able to enjoy the backyard for yourself. This can be solved by simply having a service that comes out weekly or bi-weekly which keeps the yard in good condition.

3. Stop Your Dog Or Puppy From Eating Poop

Puppies and dogs eat their own stool at different times in their life for different reasons. It may not be something that most of us don’t like thinking about but it happens fairly regularly. It is especially common in puppies but adult dogs do it as well. It could be because they are experiencing stress or simply because they are natural scavengers and so when they’re hungry and there’s nothing else available they may consume their own stool. This can be easily remedied by simply removing the dog poop from the yard so that it’s not there for them to consume.

4. It’s Stinky and Gooshy And Most Feel It’s Nasty To Clean Up

Most professional service companies have specialized equipment and experience enabling them to clean it up quickly and thoroughly. Very few people are completely comfortable with cleaning up dog poop. You can easily avoid the stinky, gooshy, nasty job of cleaning up your pet’s poop.

Where Do Dogs Live? – Should They Be Inside Or Outside Dogs?

Do your dogs live inside, outside or both? Dogs that live both inside and outside can create some issues from time to time. Why? Think about weather changes and tracking in mud. Dogs become part of the family, but there is a communication barrier. That being said, their idea of coming and going as they please might be different than what you had in mind in regards to keeping house.

It is much easier to choose one or the other. Of course, inside dogs are going to go outside from time to time, often, too, but living outside part-time is a different story. Dogs usually get used to either being inside dogs or outside dogs. Make no mistake about it, your dog wants to be an inside dog, but he or she wants to go outside at his or her own discretion.

You don’t want to give your dog the run of the roost that way. You are the one that takes care of your home. Dogs are family members, but they must be taken care of as children. Therefore, that brings up a good point. If you raise children, they are inside, and they go out under your discretion and come back in according to your household rules.

Remember, dogs want to be inside dogs. That’s a good place to start. That doesn’t mean you can’t have outside dogs. It is more difficult to be able to bring them in from time to time, however, if you have outside dogs. It can also depend on the size of the property you own as to whether or not you end up keeping your dogs inside or outside. The answer to where dogs live is whatever makes them the happiest according to what you are able to provide for them.

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