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Joys Of Enlisting A Pooper Scooper Service in West Bloomfield, MI

Many people are simply unaware that they can take advantage of a pooper scooper service in West Bloomfield, MI. The fact is that if you live in an urban or suburban neighborhood, there is likely a company that can cater to your need of getting rid of waste from your backyard. Let’s face it, there is nothing fun about taking care of this task on your own. Luckily their are dog pooper scooper services in West Bloomfield, MI to help you with this problem.

Whether you simply find that you do not have enough time to keep up with the job, or just do not like having to do it, you will find that pet waste removal services in West Bloomfield is extremely affordable. Just imagine never having to spend an hour or longer in your backyard searching for presents that your dog has left behind. No matter how many years you have been doing it, it will surely be a relief to not have to worry about it anymore.

It is also a great way to ensure that your yard is in the best possible condition. You will be able to let your kids play without worrying that they may accidentally find themselves stepping in the waste. You will also be able to have visitors over without feeling ashamed that you haven’t gone out to pick it all up yourself. The benefits of taking advantage of a dog pooper scooper service in West Bloomfield, MI really are endless.

The best part is that you can set up the service to match whatever schedule you think is right for you given your budget and desires. Typically dog poop removal services in West Bloomfield, MI will come out once a week, as that is a normal frequency that homeowners would take care of the task themselves, but if you desire you can have it done more frequently. All that matters is what you are looking to have accomplished.

You can also determine the days you would like the service done. In some cases you may be able to get a discount to make it more convenient for the dog poop pickup company, but that is not always the case. The key is to contact them to find out what your options are. In most cases they can give you a quote over the phone. They will simply need to know where you are located, the size of your dog and the size of the property. You can even ask for multiple quotes so that you can compare costs depending on how frequently the service will need to be performed. Just be sure that when you do call for more information you disclose any details that you think might be pertinent in addition to what you are asked.

Having a dog poop cleanup company in West Bloomfield, MI come and take care of this job is a great way to reduce your work load. This is one of those tasks that no one really enjoys doing, no matter how much they love their furry family member. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of having someone else take care of this dirty job. You will surely be thankful once you do.

Interesting Facts And Information About Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is one of the most beloved and popular breeds of dogs. Known for having an outgoing personality and being a very loving and loyal dog, many Golden Retriever lovers consider them to be the perfect dog. Very little has changed with this beautiful dog over the years, except that a lighter color coat has become increasingly popular.

Information About Golden Retrievers

Physical Appearance and Grooming

An adult male will stand around 23-24 inches in height and the female 21.5
-22.5 inches in height. Full-grown Golden Retrievers tend to weigh 55 to 77 pounds, with females usually being smaller and lighter than the male dogs. They feature a lustrous double coat that can be straight or wavy. A Golden Retriever should be brushed on a regular basis and bathed occasionally as well. Their ears need to be cleaned regularly to prevent accumulation of debris and dirt. Overall, these dogs do not require a lot of maintenance.

The average life expectancy is 10-12 years for Golden Retrievers and they are generally healthy.


The Golden Retriever was first developed in Britain during the 1800s. This breed of dog was originally bred to be an all-around hunting dog. The sweet nature, agility, and grace of the Golden Retriever resulted in the breed becoming very popular both as a house pet and a competition dog.

Personality and Temperament

The Golden Retriever is a very playful and loyal dog with high energy. The can be good watch dogs but not very good guard dogs due to their friendly nature. They do tend to interact very well with other dogs. The Golden Retriever makes an excellent family pet.

Using the above information about Golden Retrievers to make your decision on whether this dog is right for you or not. Most people who do have one love this beautiful, friendly and loyal dog.

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