Why Should You Care About Pet Waste Removal?

Dog poop removal is one of those things that no one really wants to talk about or deal with. It is part of that less than glamorous task list that comes with being a pet owner. But keeping your yard clean and sanity intact makes picking up dog poop a bearable frustration for most people. Did you know though that there are a few other reasons you should care about dog poop removal? It is true. There are actually a lot of reasons why dog poop removal is so important.

Dog Waste Carries Germs, Diseases, and Parasites

Bet you didn’t know that the dog poop you casually leave out in your yard is one of the top carries of germs, diseases, and parasites. For those of you cringing right now, we know, it is gross. Dog waste actually carries a few diseases and parasites that are pretty harmful to humans. Leaving your dog’s waste in your yard can expose you, your family, and your kids to all sorts of things like Parvo Virus, Whipworms, Hookworms, Roundworms (ascarids), Giardia, and Coccidia. All of these can cause a litany of problems in humans which is why dog poop removal is so important.

Keep Your Pets Safe, Happy, and Clean

If you are a dog owner, you have probably at lease once experienced that moment of panic when you watch your dog lay down in the yard and roll around in something. Now you have to take them inside, clean them up and hope that they do not do it again. When you take care of dog poop removal in your yard, this ceases to be a problem! No more panicked “Wait stop!” from the front porch and no more worrying about your dog eating their own poop.

Keep Your Community Clean and Safe

When you don’t pick up dog poop, you are making your neighborhood less beautiful. You know that you get annoyed when you see someone not pick up their dog’s poop when they are on a walk, so how is it any different when it is in your yard? Picking up your do poop also ensure that the germs, diseases, and parasites don’t leach into the groundwater and potentially make you and others ill.

What’s the Solution?

We have the perfect solution! We are the premier dog poop removal service in the area! No longer do you have to worry about going around your lawn hunting for dog poop. Our professional technicians come to your home on a schedule and clean up all the dog poop in your yard. Not only we will thoroughly and professional clean, we will also haul away the poop so you don’t have to worry about it! Gone are the days of stressing out about forgetting to clean the lawn before your daughter’s play date. We have custom solutions for every sized yard and dog. We work with our customers to create the best pooper scooper plan for them!

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