Thinking Of Hiring a Pooper Scooper Service?

Michigan Pet Waste RemvoalWhen it comes to our pets, we are willing to do anything it takes to make them feel happy and healthy. We do this even when it means standing in the freezing cold while they do their business. After this, the last thing we usually want to do is go and pick up their poop. Hunting around in your robe and rain boots for dog poop is no one’s idea of fun. In fact, this task usually gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list each and every weekend.

We want to help you keep that task rolling without you having to do it. This is why we are the professional pooper scoopers in your area. When you are finding companies to make your life easier, many people do not consider that picking up dog poop can be crossed off their list. We see it as a necessary annoyance to keep our yards clean and our pets happy. But we can help!

Who Are We

Dog Waste Removal MIWe are a pet waste removal company! That’s right. We will come to your home and pick up dog poop so you don’t have it. It is just like having a goo landscaper. One day when you leave for work there will be a week’s worth of dog poop that needs cleaned up and by the time you get home, Presto! It’s gone. It’s not magic, it’s just our dedicated technicians thoroughly cleaning your lawn from dog poop and hauling it away to be disposed of.

What We Do

We pick up dog poop and handle wild animal waste removal. Dog poop pick up is our main business but we realized that there was another are we were missing. If you live near a pond, lake or other bodies of water you probably have a number of geese and ducks. These geese and ducks often are very messy neighbors. When they migrate there waste seems to endlessly coat your lawn in its smelly mess. We will take care of that for you!

We will clean up all the duck and geese waste and remove it from your property. Whether it’s a full time weekly clean or you just need it during certain times of the year, we will work with you. Many people don’t think that their pet’s poop can be harmful to their kids and family, but animal feces can carry harmful things such as: Parvo Virus, Whipworms, Hookworms, Roundworms (ascarids), Giardia, Coccidia and more.

When Should You Call Us?

Call us if you are a pet owner! We are ready to provide you with a custom solution just for you, your pet, and your home. We offer a number of custom solutions that cover a wide range of property sizes. We are here to help you!

There are six convenient sizes that we offer pricing for:

  • Extra small (dog run or about 20’ by 20’)
  • Small  (60’ by 120’)
  • Medium (Half an acre or under)
  • Large (2 acres or under)
  • Extra-Large (4 acres or under)
  • Custom pricing (Anything larger than 4 acres)

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