Pet Poop Pick Up Service

Professional Dog Poop Pick UpHave you ever been standing in your lawn getting ready to pick up dog poop and thought “Man, I wish this poop would pick itself up.” Well, we may have the next best thing! We are a professional pooper scooper service and we want to help you check something off your to-do list without you raising a finger.

When we set out the create this business we were right there with you. Standing in our yard dreading having to go through the weekly (ahem…maybe bi-weekly) pooper scooper duties. Hunting for everywhere little Fido left you a smelly surprise is not a fun game. This is why we decided that it was high time that a service was created for dog poop removal.

Yes, We Really Do That

A lot of times when we explain our service, people look at us sideways and say “Wait, you really do that? That’s amazing!” You only have to look at our multitude of repeat customers to see how many people love not picking up poop as one of their chores.

Well, I’ll Just Have My Kids Do It

Okay, fair enough. Pet ownership is a family responsibility so this makes sense. But how many times have kids forgotten to feed the dog? Give the dog new water? Take the dog on walks? Yes, we thought so. We want to make sure that your yard stays as clean and beautiful as possible. So let us that this chore off everyone’s list. This way you can rely on effective and professional service each and every time we come clean.

Why Hire You?

Like we mentioned above, we are the premier pet waste removal company. We provide poop removal services all over the area and want to help you too. Our professional technicians will come to your home each and every week (or more or less, depending on your plan) and thoroughly pick up dog poop and then dispose of it so you do not have to.

How To Start The Process

So fist thing is first, you have to call us! After you call us, we will come to your home and start your free estimate and consultation. Our consultation process looks something like this: We come to your home, meet you and your pets, then walk around your property with you and discuss your pet waste removal needs. After that, we will measure out your property size and start to build a custom plan for you.

All of our plans are based on property size, number of dogs, type of dogs, and cleaning frequency. These four things will help us create a plan that is perfect for you. You will be with us every step of the way during the consultation so we can take all your needs and more under advisement.

We want to help you be the best pet parent and homeowner out there. Let us do some of the heavy lifting and be your professional pooper scoopers. We promise you won’t be disappointed in our pet waste removal service.

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