If you have a dog, you most likely know that familiar frantic feeling of “Oh, no…I forgot to clean up the lawn and my parents will be here in five minutes.” Dog poop removal is not the best part of owning a pet. Don’t get us wrong, we’re dog owners here too, but dog waste is the least fun part of the job of pet parent. That’s why we have designed a full-service dog poop service to help busy pet parents like yourselves! We come clean up the poop so you don’t have to.

One of the most frequent questions we get is “When should I call you?” We’re glad you asked! Obviously if you are a dog owner, dog poop clean-up is a pretty time consuming job especially if you forget a few days (or er…weeks…) in a row. We offer custom designed plans for dog waste removal that ensures that your yard is thoroughly and properly cleaned each and every week! Our weekly services are our most popular and if you own a dog, we highly recommend calling us for a consultation and estimate so we can design a plan that works for you! But sometimes, you only need a “special occasion” clean. We’re here to tell you what special occasional warrant a visit from our professional pooper scoopers.

Before A Home Showing

Selling your home? Good for you! We’re so excited for you and want to help the showings go as smoothly as possible. One thing that realtors saw to always be aware of when showing a home is curb appeal. People form their first impressions right when they step out of their car, and if the first thing the see is a bunch of dog poop in the yard…first impression ruined. Before your scheduled showing, call us! We will come and make sure your yard, garden, sidewalks, and driveway are poop free. A clean yard can sometimes be the difference between someone making an offer to buy or not. So why risk it! Call us today!

Before a Party or Gathering

Your oldest is graduation from high school and wants to have their graduation party in your backyard. Ordering the tent, the food, coordinating the invitations, and all of the other party planning is enough and you still have to worry about all those teenagers at your house! Dog poop littering your lawn can make that party day way more stressful than it needs to be. Give us a call a few days before the party and we will make sure that your backyard is sparkling clean before your kid’s party!

Before You Go On Vacation

This is actually something most people don’t think about, but when you come home from vacation you don’t want to have to worry about cleaning up the dog poop. Call us and we will come clean your lawn right before you leave so you come home to a dog poop free lawn and can carry that vacation relaxation back into your daily life.

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